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Dental Hygienist Salary in Wisconsin (WI)

Wisconsin falls into a group of states that all have very similar average salaries for dental hygienists, which includes North Carolina, Montana, New York, and Indiana. Wisconsin is in 34th place among all of the states for how high its average salary is ($62,274). However, Wisconsin ranks 2nd when comparing states on the basis of number of dental hygienists it has, surpassed only by California. There are 19,180 hygienists in Wisconsin. The employment concentration is 37.89 dental hygienists per one thousand jobs, which is 20.9 above the national employment concentration of 16.99.

Dental Hygienist Salary in Wisconsin by Area

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There are quite a few different regions in Wisconsin, but their average annual salaries for dental hygienists are relatively close to one another. The region with the highest salary is the Northern Wisconsin Nonmetropolitan Area ($63,650), and the region with the lowest is the Lake County-Kenosha County, IL-WI Metropolitan Division ($56,290). The remaining regions hover between $60,000 and $63,000. Many of these regions would be suitable for a dental hygienist in search of a job.

Dental Hygienist Salary in Wisconsin by City

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Many cities in Wisconsin provide a high average annual salary for dental hygienists. The highest can be found in Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI. Here you can earn around $70,860. Sheboygan ($65,250) also would be a good alternative to look into, as it is just below the national average. Wausau has the lowest average annual salary, at $58,100. Although lower than those cities mentioned above, this still is a pretty good salary. The remaining cities in Wisconsin are between about $59,000 and 64,000.

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