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Dental Hygienist Salary in Oregon (OR)

Oregon’s average annual salary of $76,452.22, or $36.76 hourly, puts it in 9th place in the country. This is approximately $9,000 above the national average annual salary. Oregon has 1,610 dental hygienists employed in the state, which puts it in 32nd place in the nation. There are 20.086 dental hygienists per one thousand jobs in Oregon. The national employment concentration is 16.99, which is 3.096 lower than that of Oregon’s. This puts it right in the middle of all of the states in the country.

Dental Hygienist Salary in Oregon by City

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The main cities in Oregon all have average annual salaries in the $70,000’s or higher, making Oregon a desirable state to look for a job in if you are a dental hygienist. Salem has the highest average annual salary at $80,320, while Medford has the lowest at $74,620. Even though Medford has the lowest average annual salary in Oregon, it still is much higher than the national average. So a dental hygienist looking for a job in Oregon really cannot go wrong with most cities within the state, as they tend to pay very well compared to most cities nationwide.

Dental Hygienist Salary in Oregon by Area

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Oregon has four main regions, and their average annual salaries range from just under $73,000 to almost $81,000, all well above the nation’s average annual salary for dental hygienists. The Coastal Oregon Nonmetropolitan Area has the lowest average salary of the four regions ($72,750). The Southern Oregon and Linn County Nonmetropolitan Area has the highest average salary ($80,750). Although there is a range of salaries between the four different regions, all of them have high salaries that would be appealing to many dental hygienists.

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