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Dental Hygienist Salary in Delaware (DE)

In Delaware, the services of dental hygienists clearly are highly valued. The average salary here is $74,445 per year and $35.80 hourly. This puts Delaware in the 12th spot for the highest salary for dental hygienists in the country. However, Delaware ranks 41st for the number of dental hygienists employed (only 800). This could be a result of Delaware being a smaller state with a smaller population than some others. With a smaller population, there isn’t a need for a larger number of hygienists. Delaware’s employment concentration is 3.211 dental hygienists per one thousand jobs, which is 13.779 lower than the national average.

Dental Hygienist Salary in Delaware by City

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The city intersection of Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington can be a good location for dental hygienists. The average salary is $70,8130 per year or $34.05 hourly. However, other areas of Delaware can provide a comfortable living, as well.

Dental Hygienist Salary in Delaware by Area

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The Sussex County, Delaware nonmetropolitan area is a desirable area in which to work in Delaware. The average annual salary here is $73,190 which is roughly $3,000 higher than the national average for dental hygienists.

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